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Enjoyed everywhere

Anytime. All the time. Gifflar can be enjoyed for breakfast, to liven up meetings, on the go, for brunch, on a picnic, in front of the TV, as a late night snack and everything in between. And they are particularly good for our world-famous Swedish “fika”!


The Swedish “fika”

So what do you do when you’re having a Swedish “fika”? It’s a relaxed way to take a coffee break or meet for a casual get-together – you don’t actually do anything, you just be!

Failure is the secret to success…

Little mistakes can produce delicious miracles. Back in the 70s, there was a baker who discovered that when the traditional shell-shaped cinnamon buns sometimes fell on their edges, they looked quite pretty and stayed fresh longer. It’s called evolution!

Join the Gifflar movement!

• Baked in Sweden, with love
• By Pågen, Sweden’s leading bakery
• Enjoyed across Northern Europe
• 30 million packs sold a year

pagens_logoPågen AB is Sweden’s leading bakery. We are a family business with a baking tradition dating back to 1878. Today Pågen employs some 1 400 people, most of whom work at our bakeries in Malmö and Göteborg. Every day we supply bread-lovers throughout Europe with Pågen® bread, Gifflar™ and KRISPROLLS®.

Gifflar are little baked treats with a mouth-watering filling. They’re perfect snack for a get-together, or when you just fancy a quick and tasty bite. You’re always in good company with Gifflar!