The absolute favorite!
Cinnamon flavoured Gifflar – Scandinavians have such a soft spot for them that they’ve almost achieved cult status.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
As vanilla as it gets!
Wonderfully moist Gifflar with the rich taste of vanilla.
In the park. At the beach. On the road. Always perfect size!
Taste the new Gifflar Almond delicately flavoured with a pinch of Cardamom and a soft creamy almond filling.
Calling all chocolate lovers!
Give in to the gorgeously rich flavour of Gifflar Choko.
We’ve taken a Swedish Christmas classic, our beloved “pepparkaka” ginger biscuit, and made Gifflar out of it. The ultimate festive treat. And they taste divine!
A very intriguing flavour!
With the delicate taste of saffron, this is a real favourite during the festive season. Don’t miss it!